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Personal Rhythms of Change

Sitting on a breakwall overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge on a cold and foggy day in 1987, I worked my way through the minefield of a very severe panic attack. After 4 years of stress and anxiety, this remained a very frightening, experience. While “talking me down,” a wonderful new acquaintance happened to mention an experiential psychic studies program across the Bay. I asked no questions, immediately enrolling in a meditation for self-healing class.

In two weeks the panic attacks were gone! Two years later I finished four more six-week classes and an 18-month intensive program in self-healing. As a sensitive, empathic person, learning to ground, find personal space and anchor my energy in my body, gave me invaluable tools to live in the world.

Much of the life I knew, including my personal dreams, shifted while studying there. My friends changed, I stopped trying to compete in the business world, and went back into health and healing. My work centered on massage therapy, teaching Pilates and intuitive skills. With these foundations, I began to link human physiology with spirit. The movements I taught and observed helped me to see the subtle energetic lines that connect to human anatomy.

The Energetic Connection was born from these observations and experiences. Now I help people by empowering them to heal themselves with the spiritual energies flowing through their bodies.

  • Every part of your physical beingness is spiritual
  • You are a sacred vessel for the divine
  • Empower yourself to heal your body, its emotions and thinking
  • Open your mind to heal your body
  • Be more present in your body and with your life
  • Remember who you are and celebrate your humanity
  • Embrace your fullest capacity and human potential

If this information resonates with you, try exploring these resources:

And, if you’d like to see more about my personal journey, click here.

Sacred Language of Body and Spirit

Will you join me on a journey into the unknown, opening your body to spirit through deep self-exploration, healing and ultimately, self-mastery? Here you will unearth your courage and self-love, as this evocative journey will shine light on your shadow, calling forth the many bright and multiple facets of your essence.

Wisdom is within you. It simply needs to be recognized and activated.

The Energetic Connection offers programs that guide you toward deeper communication between your body and spirit, the space between breaths and the place where the mysteries lie. The key to awakening is knowing that body and spirit are the same, each one eternally reflecting the other.

Sacred Body, Sacred Rhythms

Working with the simple and essential tools of breath, visualization and gentle movement, we encourage the awakening and connection between human experience and divine potential. Everything here supports your enthusiastic discovery of the common threads linking energy and physiology, weaving the web of wisdom through you.

You will find articles, course information, meditations and events about the common threads between physiology and energy in our seasonal newsletter, Quickening the Rhythms of Change.

Sacred Connections

Our souls urge us all to continue raising the bar. Let’s answer this call in a sacred way. Will you join me in connecting the dots, honoring our bodies as gods and goddesses? Let’s together sustain a state of emergence, entraining ourselves to embrace our soul’s purpose and our potential.

Pause for a moment now, breathing deeply into your abdomen. Exhale and walk through the sacred gateway.

Observe yourself as you choreograph and perform your own mystical dance. Like the two triangles uniting, your movement reflects the merging of human form and soul essence. Your personal expression of receptivity calls the cosmos to earth through your body; the tones of your inner voice ring clear. Intuitive perception is heightened when you open your body to spirit. From here you can see and experience the link between Earth & Sky, God & Goddess. In this place you are Heaven embodied.

Trust yourself to create the tapestry that records your story of personal unfolding as it relates to the cosmology of the six pointed star: as above, so below. You are, most certainly, a vessel for the divine. Whatever direction you choose, you will surely ride the rhythms and tides of your breath into your core—the spine, its fluids and plexi; chakras, kundalini and energy channels—where you come to stand at the center in sovereignty, with a view to all that exists.

Take another breath, inhaling the Earth energy up through your feet; feel the inspiration of Cosmic energy pouring into your crown. Inhale them both into your heart, feeling and experiencing your transformation as breath turns to Prana in your body; feeding your cells, expanding your consciousness. Exhale the alchemy making an offering, first to yourself and then to the world.

Feel free to explore the online programs:

Opening to Spirit I: Exploring Ceremony, Healing & Intuition

Opening to Spirit II: Balancing Fire & Water, Sun & Moon

Self Mastery: Embrace Your Brilliance

As Above, So Below: The Mystery of the 6-Pointed Star

The 6-pointed star is a Universal symbol for divine embodiment: As Above, So Below. It epitomizes the postulate that every facet of your body is a sacred hologram imbued with wisdom for self-healing.

In both its simplest form and its deepest essence, this star shows us there is no difference between humanity and divinity.

As humans, we are vessels for divine energy seeking earthly spaces to fill with its pure golden light. It recognizes and celebrates the connection between Heaven and Earth through the body.

Some of the incredibly complex, layered and hidden aspects of the two interlocking triangles that make-up the 6-pointed star include:

  • As Above, So Below
  • Universal symbol of Yin & Yang held within the circle of Oneness
  • Masculine & feminine principles of all life
  • Receptivity & Action
  • Christ Consciousness & Sophia Wisdom
  • El & Asherah, Adam & Eve, Solomon and Sheba, Jesus & Mary Magdalene
  • The Star of David
  • Judaism
  • The Seal of Solomon: his ring symbolized the human ability to understand the language of birds and animals, and to call on divine, angelic forces
  • Moon & Sun, Shadow & Light
  • The inner circle of the Chartres Labyrinth, a 6-petaled rose or flower
  • The Solar System:
    • Seven planets: center is Sun; top is Moon; upper right is Venus; lower right is Mercury; lower left is Saturn; upper left is Jupiter.
  • The Elements:
    • Upright triangle, point upward: Male fire
      Inverted triangle, standing on its tip: Female water
      Right side is Earth; Left side is Air
  • Alchemy

In Tibetan Buddhism the double triangle in the center of the Vajrayogini Mandala symbolizes the generative source of Buddhahood or Dharmodaya: the arising of all dharmas. Some of the color placements and interpretation include:

  • Red Interior - bliss
  • White Exterior - emptiness
  • Three angled corners of the larger triangles are:
    • Emptiness of cause, effect and phenomena
  • Six smaller triangles are six perfections:
    • Generosity, wisdom, concentration effort, patience & discipline.
  • Top small triangles are a reminder of the selflessness of all beings.
  • Four small side triangles have wheel of joy symbols inside:
    • Joy, perfect joy, joy of cessation & innate joy.

Observe yourself as you choreograph your own dance of dynamic equilibrium. Much like two triangles uniting, you too reflect the emergence of human form and soul essence. This expression of receptivity brings heaven to earth through your body.

Your inner voice begins to speak louder; your intuitive perception and translation skills are heightened; you begin to recognize yourself as a physical form through which you can see and experience the link between Earth & Sky, heaven & Gaia, God & Goddess. In this place you are the universal principle of dark & light, Sun & Moon, Yin & Yang.

Trust yourself to manifest the tapestry that records the story of your unfolding as it relates to the energy of the triangles, the six pointed star: as above, so below. You are most certainly a vessel for the divine.

Whatever direction you choose, you will surely ride the rhythms and tides through your breath and into your core—the spine and its fluids, kundalini energy and chakras—where you come to stand at the center in sovereignty, a view to all directions. From here you can merge with and embrace your elemental nature, experiencing the constant motion of the wheel as it turns, weaving your consciousness into and through the world around you.

Just breathe now. Inhale the Earth energy up through your feet; inhale the Cosmic energy down into your crown. Inhale them both into the your heart. Experience your transformation as breath turns to Prana in your body, feeding your cells, expanding your consciousness. Exhale the alchemy making an offering first to yourself and then to the world. From here, you are the oracle of your reality and the embodiment of compassion and grace.

I first became acquainted with this beautiful symbol when studying the Mayan calendar and learning to read the symbology of the associated medicine wheel. In each person’s wheel, there are four directions, and a sort of central birth point, which includes a pictorial and a numeric vibration. My own just happen to be related to both the 6-pointed star and the universal law of “as above, so below.”

Please re-member yourself: our bodies are sacred holograms imbued with wisdom for self-healing; the divine is not only inside of us, we are divine.

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