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Head Bone’s Connected to the Heart Bone

Last week I lay quietly on my mat in Restorative Yoga class when suddenly a message came though. It was both gentle and firm, advising me to “return to a raw foods lifestyle.” I gave it some attention and went back to supta baddha konasana, a pose to help relax the body, listen to the inner voice and open the heart.

The same message came through again three days later while lying on my mat in yoga class. Upon returning home that second evening I found an email from the “Tapping Solution” recommending a raw foods video about diabetes, and in my mailbox was the recent edition of the magazine “Healing Our World,” from Hippocrates Institute which is dedicated to educating people about progressive health and whole, raw foods lifestyles.

I reflected on all this with curiosity and shifted back to raw foods within three days.

While in relaxation poses, I am able to tone down my mind, relax my body and open the channel to my heart and soul. This is not just a conversation with energy, it’s also a physiological experience. The parasympathetic (rest & digest) branch of the autonomic nervous system runs from the upper brain stem down to the heart and diaphragm and digestive organs. In the energetic construct, this means the sixth chakra as the seat of our wisdom and inner knowing is connected to all of our vital organs, especially the heart at the fourth chakra through our breath.

When the brain signals fear, or even something as normal as tight neck and shoulder muscles, the vagus nerve which is the connection between head and heart can be impinged and our natural rhythms can become choked-off. Although not necessarily related to the autonomic nervous system, the phrenic nerve is another crucial neurological connection originating in the upper neck sending messages to the heart and diaphragm; “beat and breathe now!” This nerve can also be impinged by tight neck and shoulder muscles; in the energetic construct, the phrenic nerve is the connection between the fifth chakra voice, the heart at the fourth chakra and our ability to breathe at the third chakra.

I’m sure for many, these subtle body and physically sensate experiences are not new. What may be different, is the fact that the physiology follows the energetic pathways. The bottom line for me is this: without heart connection, our minds operate at a level of dis-compassion and without a clear heart connection, we speak only from our heads. It’s all in the physiology, and stress clearly sets us up for imbalance, at best.

Our lives are full of stress–emotional, mental, physical, spiritual–and a lot of it isn’t apparent to us on a daily basis. That’s the danger with stress. Hidden stress originates in past experience; the thoughts, emotions, and even the physical responses to those past time situations run like rivers and streams underneath the surface of our daily lives, through our bodies, raging and affecting everything we do in present time. At some point in our history, we recognized this stress and stuffed it away becoming ever more the experts at ignoring this subterranean pressure by developing coping mechanisms specific to its qualities. In those first moments, we chose to deny its existence instead of confronting and releasing it, and then we became that very thing.

The more stress we have, the more we resonate at a survival frequency, constantly tending to the structures we’ve erected around this thing we can only now refer to as idiopathic stress. And if that stress is of forgotten or unknown origins, we resonate unconsciously in the tonal qualities of survival. With this at play, our nervous systems, including the brain; our circulatory and endocrine systems, our digestive systems and more, become tied to the rhythms of this stress monster and the frequency of survival.

If we are in a constant state of stress, known or unknown, is it possible to listen to our inner voices? Is it possible to be open, willing, compassionate amused and balanced? I say NO. When preoccupied like this, we aren’t capable of relating to anything but our stress and it’s projected reality. Think about the times when your digestion is a bit stressed from too much or too rich food. What are you constantly thinking? Are you able to interact with full presence when this is the underlying issue?

This is a simple example of something all of us have experienced and will continue to experience now and then, or maybe more frequently. Whatever its timing, digestive stress is a distraction from present time relationships. What about the deeper types of stress or the mental and emotional types of stress? It’s much easier to run to the bathroom with digestive stress than it is to excuse ourselves from a meeting to run outside and scream or cry.

I’ve known for some time that raw foods were, in large part, my personal ticket to health and heart. That lifestyle is my personal avenue of no stress leading to relief from many physical symptoms, yet I continued on a short trip to toxicity and destruction because I was stressed. It’s a bit of a catch-22. I couldn’t hear my soul speak to me as easily as I had while eating only raw foods; when I did hear, I turned down the volume and went on about the business of increasing my stress levels through effort-full digestion of food and all the other symptoms that accompanied it, through emotions and many other related distractions. And somewhere inside me, I knew I needed to find some peace, to slow my mind and turn inward.

Even so, after only 8 months, I was re-addicted to the high feeling of stress. My adrenals were cranked up and I went temporarily insane with the sensations of stress. In a strange way, I actually like them. As the stress increased, my heart was less a part of my every day interaction and choices. It becomes a tenacious pattern, and one that takes some conscious energy to break because the nervous system is tied into stress, inherently. Because there is something like-able about it, we actually need to dramatically re-wire something to pull ourselves out of this entrenchment.

Restorative yoga was an answer for me that day, opening the doors to experience my awareness and my soul.

There are many ways to link the heart and brain, most of which involve relaxation which is the only possible route to our soul’s inner voice. Relaxation is quiet and heart-full, a state of ease and deep breathing that softens the edges and slows our pace. In relaxation, inner peace is available to us.

By systematically taking bits of stress away one at a time, conscious breath by conscious breath, we unravel the links to find and ultimately resolve the deepest and most dormant stress within. Each step of the way, our nervous system awakens again and before we know it we are present with ourselves in our lives and our hearts are active participants in all our moment to moment choices.

Whether or not you feel stressed, or whether you even believe you might be stressed, we all have one thing in common: we love to relax. It’s in our nature to relax, whether that be through play, sports, meditation, baths, music, walking or something else that suits you best. I just happen to resonate with Restorative Yoga and raw, whole foods.

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Raw Food Vibrations

Eat heavy foods, feel heavy, get heavy and then get sick. Eat light foods, feel light, be light, and so many other wonderful experiences begin to arise and open. When we eat foods that bog down our systems on any level, we spend more energy fighting to digest and assimilate, wasting precious time and energy that could potentially be used for the greater good; for ourselves, our work, our community and the planet.

With improper nutrition, we live at a survival vibration, the victim of our own compulsions and addictions, rather than living at our highest creative and spiritual potential. Women in menopause can give this careful consideration because we can be so preoccupied with the amount of heat moving through our bodies; it is definitely the biggest distraction I’ve ever experienced. Each one of the symptoms identified below is increased ten-fold; no exaggeration.

Think about the times when you go out for that special meal, or travel and eat differently, when you take in a bit more sugar, drink a little more wine or stay up later than usual. In all these situations, especially if you aren’t accustomed to it, the body’s natural rhythms are disturbed and have to work at least twice as hard for the same result. Napping or falling asleep early, then waking up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, or tossing and turning with digestive fire burning through your pj’s and sheets is common with this type of food and drink indulgence.

Waking up is often accompanied with a head or stomach ache, fullness, constipation or diarrhea, all accompanied with general feelings of toxicity and sluggishness. I’m sure you’ve had at least one of these symptoms and promised never to do “this” again. I imagine some of you have even used magic little over-the-counter pills to push away the symptoms too!

I used to think these awful feelings were all related to alcohol in the good old party days. Then I stopped drinking and found that my symptoms were the same with certain kinds of food and was the harbinger of these terrible maladies. The feelings always changed my ability to think clearly, feel emotionally stable and practically productive. One thing leads to another.

Most important, and this is a retrospective, I was irritable and my heart was coated with an odd layer of protection. I think it was stress; a physiological imbalance which led to mental stress and ultimately cut off the connection to my heart. It often pumped harder and sometimes even missed a beat here and there. I just didn’t want to be near anyone feeling this way.

What happens to our bodies is always a precursor to what takes place in our minds and emotions, eventually stopping our ability to engage with our soul, and other people’s souls as well. We are just too busy with our digestion, running to the bathroom or remembering to breathe, so we have no space to engage in an intentional, conscious, spirit to spirit connection with another human being.

And while this may be redundant, I will simply state that food creates physiological stress, which creates mental and emotional imbalance, which leads to hiding our hearts and focusing on our own survival needs. We have no room to be of service to our planet because our vibration is so low. A survival vibration is as close to dead on the scale of relationship as we can get without actually dying, because we are in a constant state of managing our base level needs.

We have no time for these cro-magnon cycles anymore!

For me the answer has always been in keeping everything very clean–house, car, paperwork, colons and mind–or suffer the consequences. I will also venture to say that if you haven’t ever committed to a clean diet, you may not quite understand this idea because you have no comparison. And although I’m speaking to the benefits of eating only raw vegan foods here, if you haven’t explored beyond your own backyard, you might want to ease into this journey, testing the waters and allowing your body to adjust slowly. Just a suggestion.

Raw, whole, organically grown foods have the highest nutritional value of anything grown, anywhere. They are easiest to digest and assimilate because their enzymes are fully intact and they aren’t toxic or genetically modified. When grown and sold by local farmers or grocers who support local trade, they also carry the highest vibration of all the possible food choices we have in our world at present because the people who grow and handle these foods are carrying a higher, more caring vibration.

I don’t know how you feel about all this and the choice is obviously your own; your body will tell you how far to go with anything you ingest, whether it be air, energy or food. At this point in my life, I’d rather eat a raw diet, feel easy in my body, open my heart more and be present for a bigger game plan than to hide because I can’t digest my food or my life.

And wow! Does it ever help with menopausal symptoms, especially that heat rising!

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Cooling Down in Menopause

Heat expands. Cold contracts. Heat rises and cold falls. The behavior of these elements act similarly in our bodies, laying foundation for a formidable challenge against the forces, especially during menopause. Hot headed and cold footed, many of us move through our lives feeling irritable, drained and overwhelmed. When the nature of an element like heat goes against the grain of comfort and model health, it seems only natural to desire a way to rectify it and “feel balanced” again.

For me, one of those solutions is through the food I eat. Because I’m curious about the symptoms and energy of menopause, I’ve done a bit of inquiry with other women. In an effort to resolve hot flashes and other niggling health issues, many of those interviewed have changed the foods they eat. Some no longer drink alcohol, some have stopped all refined flours and sugars, others have cut way down on animal protein or have become vegan.

I went raw.

Is it our best interests to change what our bodies manifest naturally? I don’t know. I just know that when I feel hot, my hands and feet swell, right along with my emotions and thoughts. When I’m cool, everything returns to it’s normal size, and I feel balanced again because I’m in my comfort zone, or health zone. And maybe this food control is actually a reasonable response to what my body is calling for, ever so loudly.

Comfort, as I’ve contested many times, is not the most ideal place from which to jump onto the responsibility trampoline bouncing upward. It’s often a place of denial and unconsciousness. And I beg to differ here, if you are calling the kettle, it is just not so with this situation. Sometimes we need to discern when comfort is an act of avoidance and when it’s an act of consciousness. I wasn’t entirely certain, so I put it to the test.

First, let’s lay some groundwork. According to many nutritionists, Ayurvedic practitioners, Five Element Theorists and anyone who monitors personal body functions, some people digest certain foods differently or more efficiently than others; certain climates are more ideal for some people where others do not thrive; our best diet contains foods grown indigenous to the area in which we live; and even more so, we are best suited for the foods of our genetic or cultural heritage.

To live or eat outside of those parameters could mean a decrease in life force and ultimately ill health. Have you ever noticed where and what suits you best?

The best locations for me are Britain, Ireland, the Pacific Northwest and the Bay Area during it’s fog season. I love the feeling of cool, breezy moisture on my skin. I feel alive and I thrive in those locations. The wind is cleansing, wild and motivating, almost enticing. When the Sun appears, it is not intense; water surrounds everything and softens the edges of my passion and enthusiasm; and the soil is rich and dark, almost always moist even in the driest times of year. Unlike the angry, edgy wind in the dry, dusty Southwest, I really like the soft and rounded curves of the elements in those misty climes.

For years, here in the Southwest, I’ve been itchy and irritated, living with the least desirable kind of weather I can imagine. I dread the coming of Spring because the high winds carry intense allergens from every known tree and plant in the kingdom. Toward season’s end, the heat magnifies and the rains haven’t arrived yet to balance out the fiery energy of heat, wind and dust.

In wetter weather I eat differently indulging in heavier, warmer foods; that doesn’t work as well for me here in the Southwest. When I first arrived, almost 15 years ago, I ate mostly local cuisine with lots of green chili. I’m not much of a drinker anymore, yet when I do take a glass of wine, it affects me differently than it did at sea level, 7,000 feet down from here.

It all tasted really good, yet eventually I started feeling bogged down, tired and overheated. I gained weight, more than ever before. My joints started to ache, my muscles lost flexibility, my mouth and throat were constantly dry and equally, my skin lost elasticity. A Naturopath soon told me the climate was too dry for me and it would be a good idea to move back to the Bay Area or up to the Northwest, otherwise I would suffer from extreme dryness and loss of lubrication in my joints and skin.

It’s all true. When I eat like I used to eat, that’s precisely what happens. Now let’s add in one more factor here. Menopause exacerbates all the aforementioned conditions: heat, dryness, joint aches and irritation, roseacea, dry eyes, mouth and throat–in fact all the mucous membranes become dryer during menopause. At least that’s how it works for me. How about you?

Even with all that dryness in the air, this can be rectified in the body with food. I was loathe to change my diet too much because I love food, all kinds of food. On the flip side, I have been a vegetarian-yoga-avid cleanser-meditation-type my whole life, so whatever transitions were needed, I was game.

Even though the geographical factors are present and constant, I still really wanted to find balance and the only aspect of my life I could control for the desired result was the food I ate. No amount of water, supplements, exercise, meditation, visualization or positive thoughts, humidifiers, lotions or facials changed the picture.

And menopause was quickly encroaching. The first few months of “real” menopause where agonizing. I did jump out of my skin and hit so many emotionally chaotic moments I thought I would expire from the fire in my head. An Ayurvedic specialist suggested I eat more cooling foods, so I did. A nutritionist suggested I eat more legume-kinds-of-protein, so I did. My Taoist teachers suggested I eat more warming foods to stimulate my kidneys, so I did. Each one of these eating plans worked for a time, just long enough to get a brief positive result and then each one slapped me in the face with heat and puffy symptoms three months later.

Finally I began to eat a 100% raw food diet. It worked and I stayed on this program for one full year. It was miraculous. I lost weight, I felt strong, I felt light and balanced while remaining grounded, I was clear headed and my emotions flowed, passing through with ease. Every aspect of this food plan worked; I experienced no allergies and the heat of late Spring was a breeze.

Then several traumatic experiences domino-ed through my life and I began traveling away from home often. Partially out of convenience and partially out of respect for those who wanted to feed me, this situation led me back to many of the cooked comfort foods I loved before. At first it was just a little fish, then it was some pasta, a sugary desert or glass of wine here and there.

Eventually I created an extra 2 inches around my middle and all my jeans are too tight around the waist. My skin is dry again and my joints are creaking, cracking and popping. Emotionally I’m mostly okay, yet I get regular flashes of heat that charge from my mid section into my head, burning my brain cells after every meal. I feel slightly stressed mentally as this fire in my head brings pain and negative thoughts which create an imbalance in my emotional state.

Last Saturday, May 1st, I started back on raw foods again. So many symptoms have already begun to dissipate: no allergies, loss of belly bloat and fat already, joints aren’t perfect, yet definitely less achy, and my energy is on the rise. I still have quite a bit of healing to do after my near year of relative indulgence, yet feel confident I’ve made the right decision. Comfort in this case eases many of the physical distractions so I can once again focus on and raise my vibration to grow my soul rather than fighting my body’s signals just to fit in, or to pretend this level of health and honor for my body was a problem.


If you are interested in hearing more about other women’s stories, ideas and answers to research questions, go to the blog archives for 2009; each month listed has different topic matter. If you are interested in taking your menopausal symptoms out of the physical realm and into spirit, please check out our online courses at Heart of the Mystic.

Four Winds: The Muse

Four winds blow. Four winds burn. Four winds moisten. Four winds anchor.

As the Wheel of the Year turns, it begins in the East where we are opened and inspired by Spring’s fresh breezes blowing through our hair and across our skin. We are cleansed and purified by the sensations of renewal and rebirth. The winds of the Equinox smell of new life, readying for entry as the Sun shines higher in the sky and the days begin to elongate as slowly and surely as the babes make their way into this world.

Moving past Beltane, the Wheel continues into the Southern Fires of Summer. Purifying us with the heat of transformation, this fire meets the energy inside our bodies allowing us to digest and accept everything we consume and absorb. Feel the warmth of Summer as it exposes what we need to see, embrace and release.

Passing the Lughnasa Harvest, the Wheel cranks to the West where the softness of Fall is enhanced by the devotional waters as they lap on the rugged shores. Matching the gentle rocking movements of the waves, the waters inside us increase their motility, clearing away the emotional dross, effortlessly readying our vessels for spirit.

Now the Wheel makes its way past the veils of Samhain, collecting the ancestral vibrations and lineage long past. True North, where we remain anchored deep in the caverns of Winter, sleeping and dreaming while calling up shadowy memories from within the dark realms of our subconscious mind. Here in the safety of Mother Earth’s womb, as the daylight decreases, we can leave behind the excess, the past and the foreign. In this place where all is welcome, everything is brilliantly alchemized by the furnace in her compassionate belly.

These are the elementals as they relate to the directional seasons on the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Stand in the center receiving the incredible abundance of the four directions as it merges with our human vibration, meeting and matching, as within, so without, as above, so below.


Stand in the Middle of the Sacred Cross, at the crossroads of all directions and their elemental vibrations. Connect to Gaia, calling the divine feminine energies up from the ground into to the soles of your feet. Connect to the Heavens, calling the divine masculine energies down from above into your crown.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel the energy running through you, knowing your body is a conduit and sacred vessel for the abundance of all things. Facing North, the Earth energy moves from your feet through your legs, up into the first chakra. Facing West, Water fills the pool in your pelvic bowl at the second chakra, it fountains upward toward your head. Facing South, Fire expands in your belly as your breath calls it down from your head into your solar plexus at the third chakra. Facing East, Air fills your lungs and heart; you breathe, inspiring the energy as it moves up and down your spine with each inhalation and each exhalation.

Stand here, facing the East, feeling the Wind on your face. Spring is the place of new beginnings. Visualize a bundle of sticks at your feet representing old agreements related to your birth, the physical plane and the energy of lack. Begin to break sticks, one by one; allow the energy of the agreement to dissipate, releasing anything that keeps you from moving forward and embracing your inheritance here on this planet. Break sticks until you feel complete. Breathe in, filling yourself with the sacred element of Air, filling your heart, your lungs and chest; feel the air penetrating every cell of your body. Place the broken sticks in a pile at the center of the crossroads.

Turn to the South where the Fires of Summer burn under the heat of the Sun’s highest point. Feel its warmth as your turn your face upward. Visualize a bundle of sticks at your feet representing old agreements related to your transformation and openness to the energy of spirit. Break the sticks, releasing all programs, all lineages, both genetic and past life, and anything that stops you from moving forward as spirit embodied. Breathe in, filling yourself with the sacred element of Fire, feel its warmth moving from your first chakra up your spine and into your upper chakras; allow it to circulate continuously through your body. Break sticks until you feel complete, placing them in the pile at the center of the crossroads.

Turn to the West, feeling the energy of Fall and the place where the Pacific Ocean mist feeds your soul. Visualize a bundle of sticks representing old agreements related to your creativity, your inner voice and knowledge, your visions. Break the sticks, releasing all past and negative emotions, anything that keeps you from moving forward in present time. Breathe in, filling yourself with the sacred element of Water. It fills your creative spaces, it cleanses your cells, circulating through your body and all your energy channels. Break sticks until you feel complete, placing them in the pile at the center of the crossroads.

Turn now to the North, the last quarter on the Wheel. Anchor yourself, merging with the soil, so dank you can smell it. Feel the Earth under your bare feet growing roots to ground your body for a quiet, reflective Winter rest. Visualize a bundle of sticks that represent old agreements related to your mind, darkness and conflict. Break the sticks, releasing effort and anything else that keeps you from moving forward with total freedom. Breathe in, filling yourself from the feet upward, into the first chakra with the sacred element of Earth. Continue to break sticks until you feel complete, placing them in the pile at the center of the crossroads.

Sweep all four piles of broken sticks into one. Ignite them with Fire, watching as they burn away. Allow your deep Airy exhalation to expire and fuel the death of all this energy, letting go of the old patterns and programs. As the sticks turn to ashes, throw Earthen dirt on the pile to extinguish the embers. Plant one seed in the soil, a seed representing who you are in present time. Water this seed and watch it begin to grow. Feel your body regenerating, your emotions become neutral, your mind is quiet and your spirit, as always, is free.

Breathe in from above and below, calling in the energies of Gaia and Heaven, bringing them into your heart. Breathe out from your heart, into your body, into your aura, into the world around you. Fill your breath with compassion, breathing in, and breathing out.

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Rhiannon Rides the Winds of Spring: Beltane

May 1 is Beltane.

Considered the Great Holiday by the Celts, Beltane is a time of purification, fertility & celebration. It is the midpoint between the Equinox and Solstice, the transition from Winter into Summer. The veil between the worlds is thin again at Beltane; the male & female energies are united and balanced; the beasts are put to pasture and the May Pole is driven into the Earth as a symbol of both fertility, and the sacred union between Heaven & Gaia.

As Queen of the Faeries, Rhiannon is the inspiration and muse for lovers, writers, musicians and artists. As a Celtic shaman herself, she moves between the worlds on her white horse, carrying those who are dying or taking soul’s journeys into the land of remembering and rebirth. Rhiannon left her Faery Kingdom, choosing to participate in the Sacred Marriage with a human Prince. Upon the birth of their first child she fell prey to betrayal & humiliation, ultimately being cast out of her husband’s family. Through her travails, in her own shamanic journey, she learned forgiveness & humor, rising to the high throne of amusement as one of the primary Goddesses of Beltane.

We call on you now, Rhiannon. You are the Divine Queen of the Faeries, Moon Goddess, otherworldly shape-shifter and songstress of all hearts.

The daffodils and narcissus reach out and wave to you as you float by. The cedars, the pines and other grandfathers of the forest bow to your lightness of being; the wind sings your name as the hummingbirds carry your sweet nectar, infusing and fertilizing the sage and rosemary scents of your essence. The smells of the Mother, her nature and rhythms, waft through the night while you dance with the elementals under the light of the bright full moon.

Come to us on your white horse, so elusive and swift, gowned in your dress made of golden threads. Come to us Rhiannon, shifting shapes and walking between worlds, you emerge in time to see us grow and expand like the true seedlings of Spring. You watch us through your bitter-salty tears of grief and forgiveness; reminding us, awakening us to what is valued in nature and the realms of your Otherworld.

You guide us to recall our memories of more magical times, of our connection to the elementals and others in the Faery world. You are the inspiration for all human creations: our music, our poetry, our prose and art.

Living with one foot in our world and another in your own, you remain clear on your course as you enchant every living being on both sides of the veil. You, the virgin huntress, your equal the horned stag.
Even as you have co-created this Great Marriage, you give up no power, commanding the sacred rights, the meeting of two, right where you are–integrated and strong; vulnerable and courageous, giving and receiving, the fountain of Yin and Yang flowing from your heart.

He follows you almost obsessively, never quite catching up; so swiftly you elude him and his army of men. When he finally puts his external forces to rest, he calls out your name. Like a firefly, you are instantly available, teasing and wondering why he tried so in vain to chase you in the first place.

Your Horned Stag now patiently awaits his Maiden Queen to guide him through the mists, slipping under the veils into a world he’s never known. It’s ecstasy he finds and his desires thirst no more, as you are his match, his mate, his familiar, and his true reflection. You are his and he is yours.
How committed you are to the Goddess on both sides. What do you offer, how do you receive and embrace the rhythms of her waves, her Moon, her Sun and her constant state of turning as you are here and there both? Will you embrace the cycles of the Mother in human form, or will you disappear into the mists forever?

Speak to us now, Rhiannon; teach us your elegance, your choices, your journey and rebellion, your commitment to the lineage of our mundane world. Speak to us of your emptiness, though we see your cup is filled to overflowing with the Divine.

How do you remain amused when betrayal knocks thrice, when you have lost your child so dear? How do you live, punished, humiliated and demeaned in this cage, enslaved by mortal fears? How do you carry this burden so boldly, so accepting and so humbly exposing yourself to the illusion of human royalty?

How do you forgive the accusers who cast you out of their homes, dismembering you of your dignity and birth right as Queen? Until near death you retained your humor, your wisdom and love for your King.

Oh great and sacred Queen, you remember yourself well as your love and support for those in crisis vanquishes the pain of your past. With this purity, you need never long for emergence, it is anchored within you for eternity. You readily serve those who house you with the dogs, and with sincerity and gratitude you accept their harsh gifts, all the while holding your sovereignty throughout lifetimes as High Priestess and sage.

We watch you here in this form, as you gracefully, joyfully sweep us onto your back, carrying us off to meet ourselves in full bloom to know our muse, our brilliance and our balance. We learn by your compassion to see only favor as we dance in the Moonlight, like you, we are hopeless no more.

Thank you Rhiannon, for your mystical song, your poems of self-love as the Goddess fills our hearts with the tiny drops of joy and enthusiasm brought specially to us by the hummingbirds of your Spring.

The information here has been compiled from various personal experiences as well as teachings and information from Kathy Jones’ book “Priestess of Avalon, Priestess of the Goddess,” Mara Freeman’s book, “Kindling the Celtic Spirit,” and Frank MacEowen’s book, “The Celtic Way of Seeing.”

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