Sweet Little Birds

A hummingbird flew into my office last week, hovering almost motionless for some time right in front of my desk.

At first I couldn’t see it, yet I heard the sound of its wings in motion. When I cocked my head to listen, trying to figure out what the sound might be, I believe that little humming bird slowed it’s wings so I could see.

Or maybe I went into a slower mode.

Yesterday a finch landed on the table where I was sitting with a friend having tea al fresco. It came back several times, mostly flitting around, diving here and there, wanting to be noticed. Finally, it stood on the edge of our table for a few moments and then flew away.

Both birds were fearless and seemed to come with a message. The Humming bird in all it’s lightness of being, really does bring joy. And the little finch might just have been hungry, yet it was also transmitting something that felt like brightness and ease.

“Hummingbird holds the bow of beauty…hummingbird hears and resonates with celestial music…hummingbird brings experiences and a renewal of the magic of living.” This bit was taken from the Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams & David Carson.

It’s a cat’s life around here; today there are bumble bees, in and out, buzzing about!

2 Responses to “Sweet Little Birds”

  1. Melissa says:

    When we were in La Paz last year, a hummingbird hovered near me and let me touch the top of its head with my finger – not its beak – the top of its head. I am still amazed by this and feel sure it was somehow an angel saying hello to me and letting me know all was well.

  2. admin says:

    They are amazing little angels, aren’t they?!

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