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Ascension or Descension?

Today, as on all days, I read my friend Laura Bruno’s Blog.

She always has some amazing and practical wisdom to express, lately and often, re-posting from other wise souls’ blogs. Recently we’ve heard about sovereignty, ascension, the solar feminine and the heavy hitting, yet expansive astrological influences.

Featured in today’s Oracle Report, were solar flares and the tools of grounding and anchoring: one of my favorite topics–the grounding part!

So many people in my town are very spiritual, though they lack grounding and ownership of their bodies. They flit around as though they are pure light, bumping into things, not paying much attention to how their bodies and actions affect other people.

They are unconcerned with whether or not they actualize any of that wonderful spiritual energy in the mundane world, and often take stance against those who do, pointing fingers at so-called “lesser beings.”

They’re also really bad drivers parking askew in already scarce spaces!

Okay, enough of that, but you get the idea–the part about embodying spiritual energy as opposed to seeing, feeling and experiencing it all “out there” somewhere.

Humbly speaking, my biggest hurdle in life has always been about anchoring myself here on this planet. When I was a kid my feet burned when they touched the ground, so I often sat cross-legged with my feet up in the chairs. Besides, it was so much more fun to fly around without limitation, playing in the ethers. So you see, I could easily be one of those bad parking, finger pointers.

When I was 32, I learned to ground the hard way, after a lot of body fear, anxiety, and other crazy pictures about what it meant to live in human form. Life (my soul) gave me the experiences I needed to realize how painful an existence it could be, outside my body.

That’s when I finally acquiesced and decided to live here on planet Earth.

Now, back to the topic of the day. Without grounding, like any electrical current, solar flares will burn out our nervous systems and the nerve centers of our technology very quickly. So if you are one of those people who likes to fly rather than walk, disembody energies rather than anchor them, you and all your electrical conveniences could be in for a big surprise–that is if you haven’t already experienced that very phenomenon!

What does this have to do with ascension? Well, here are some reflections on that potentiality, assuming we will ascend. Just wondering….

1. To become lighter, or to raise our vibration, we need to allow more light into our beings, right?

2. Since the chakra centers and subtle body connections are housed inside our natural (physical) bodies, this is most likely where the action is and will remain, eh?

3. If we leave our natural bodies-taking our energy out into the ethers, how do we experience expansion in the way of the ascended masters? Didn’t Jesus take his natural body with him when he ascended?  That was the whole miracle, wasn’t’ it?

4. If we rise up to meet our higher chakras in the 4th and 5th dimension, where will our natural bodies go…how will those physical vessels evolve without us inside?

5. What if, and this is just an idea, instead of rising or ascending out of the natural body into those other chakra dimensions, we simply open our bodies to receive the energies of the higher chakras–those that currently exist outside of our body?

I’m wondering if this is what we could call descension. Another way of ascending in our strangely paradoxical Universe!

And don’t’ forget to read Laura Bruno’s Blog…maybe something will sound out loudly, maybe you’ll even get some answers.

Enjoy your day and your descent into the wonders of grounding and anchoring!



Is the Universe Feminine?

Several months ago I became “more” intrigued with the idea of Sofia, the true divine feminine. It’s not that I hadn’t heard or known of Sofia, or thought and read about Sofia, it was simply a matter of not finding much information about Sofia, anywhere. Even the Gnostic Gospels are limited in the expression of Sofia.

Then I looked for images online and found Alex Grey’s mystical Sophia image, which led me to rummaging around in my books seeking “Sacred Mirrors,” a book of Alex Grey’s mystical and yet very “worldly” images.

Ah, Sophia was there. I found her and I’ve been studying her allegories ever since.

Later I found information that proclaimed Sofia as the Mother of God and she who birthed the Universe. Some say that Sofia is the blond female figure emerging from under God’s arm in Michelangelo’s fresco on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Just the other day, my friend “B” answered my plea for input on the divine feminine, telling me that his Sufi studies speak to the Universe as a feminine energy. Not only a principle, she is an entity who birthed all things…and if this is so, we actually live in the womb of the Universe…our container is feminine.

Also according to “B,” and I do love to paraphrase, we embrace this principle every day as we trust that all physical things are real. Like the walls in our homes or the giant architectural structures standing tall in the world’s largest cities, we believe they will hold and they do. Holding is a feminine principle, trust is a feminine principle.

Holding anything is akin to giving it a place to rest or reside, a cave of sorts. On a physiological level, the part of our nervous system responsible for resting and attuning to the natural rhythms part of us is feminine. (For more information on stress, the nervous system as it relates to masculine & feminine principles, please see the recent blog posts on Stress as well as the last newsletter and accompanying posts about the Autonomic Nervous System).

That same day while I researched images and information about “The Sofia” (or Sophia as it is often written), I found this amazing mystical chart that shows the womb of Sofia evoking all. It’s in Latin–and I have not found the artist or origination point–or I’d give credit and interpret it further. See for yourself. What do you feel or think about this? What is evoked from within as you look at this image?



I haven’t found my own ground of being in any of this yet, so I won’t suggest you think or feel any particular leaning. Even so, when I look at the Mystical Sofia and this chart of the divine feminine, I am filled with calm and joy, ease and blessed relief that someone, someplace in this world knows how to express what I feel is true.

On the contrary recently, while attending a Baptist wedding, I felt my bones twisting, my heart racing and my jaw tensing. In the ceremony, there was a strong focus on Eve, how she grew from Adam’s rib, and how likewise the bride that day came in purity to her husband having given up her identity, all combined with the very misogynistic application of a twisted interpretation of creation.

Here are some softer, more balanced and Sofia-like ideas to contemplate:

Sofia is the Holy Spirit in the Trinity (Gnostic).

Sofia was the bride of Christ & the Mother of God (Gnostic, Cathartic).

Sophia is the revelation of god’s inward thought which evoked the form and order of our Universe (Jewish Alexandrine philosophy).

Wisdom is feminine (Proverbs 8).

The Source, The Beginning.


Hidden Mother, Wisdom of Solomon, Wisdom Incarnate, She who knows the Mysteries…the Dove.

Again, I ask, what do you think…how do you feel…what is called forth from within you?



Divine Feminine: Where are the practicalities?

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about the Divine Feminine lately, in fact the term may even be a bit passe.

Those of us who teach, preach, write and consciously acknowledge the feminine principle in our lives on a daily basis sometimes forget that most people remain confused or resistant, uncertain and sometimes fairly uninterested!

Last week I participated in a round table discussion on the divine feminine and found the questions below sadly unanswered by all of us so-called experts. In spite of the intelligence, graciousness and warmth of the key participants, I remain astutely aware of the lack of practical applications to the feminine principles, or more importantly, the expression of those practicalities.

In fact, the discussion was sequestered to a small corner of this very deep and complex principle and fairly one sided, presenting much of the same information we’ve heard over and over. It’s a lot like forever mulling wine in a forgotten old cask. While the prose, the tones and the energies of what was presented was certainly lovely, I found myself screaming inside and pushing against the seams of those barrels trying desperately to get out of a bad batch of old, fermented vinegar juice. Dare I say, this is just a dangerous as what we sometimes refer to as the male paradigm?!

My questions for everyone, men & women, novice & old hat, are these:

1. How do we (humans in general) recognize (awaken, acknowledge) what is already within us–the inherent feminine principle–as opposed to looking outside ourselves for some sort of inconography?

2. Is there a practical and sacred way to sustain this relationship with the feminine once discovered?

3. What kinds of practices will help us most in embracing this principle within ourselves, as spirits in human form?

4. What, as women (or men) can we reflect (reflection being a feminine principle) to the world in these times that will encourage others? How is this different from the more masculine aspect of projection?

Please feel free to respond to these questions!

I’m personally looking for like-minded people who are tired of the same old fluffy spirituality. I’d love to hear from you. Don’t get swayed, don’t sell-out to the new age movement that wants to keep you stuck in some false pretense of the light, just as much as our current power structures want to keep you in the dark!

We are beings of equal dark and equal light. We are beings designed for balance between the elements of fire & water, and the universal principle of oneness is really the merging of masculine & feminine principles.

What do you think?

How the Cycle of Stress Works

How does the Cycle Work?

It’s also in us to be stressed in the right circumstances; that’s the true rhythmic and elemental piece. Like food, if we’re addicted to stress, how do we find balance without becoming overweight, diabetic or anorexic; and in this instance, complacent and apathetic or dead in the face of a kumodo dragon on some movie screen?

In simple terms, here’s the way our system expresses stress: the fore brain perceives a potentially dangerous situation and transmits this information to the hypothalamus deep in the midbrain. The hypothalamus sends a message via the sympathetic (masculine, Yang, Sun) branch of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) to the endocrine system (pituitary, adrenals) which then pumps up the appropriate chemicals and limbs to deal with this danger. In the end, it’s usually adrenalin that overtakes our systems making us feel fast, strong and powerful, able to overcome anything. So we run away, or we stand and take on the challenge. This is better known as fight or flight and it takes us right back to our mammalian and sometimes reptilian patterns.

But you already know that.

How wonderful to feel so formidable! Our ego-minds get engaged encouraging us saying, “let’s do that again!” And so the cycle perpetuates.

Because our Western world no longer offers us many opportunities for the very physical and eminent danger of being killed by wild beasts, falling over a cliff, or going without food on any given day, we automatically find ways to exercise our fight-flight mechanism. Thrill seeking through outdoor adventure and other extreme behavior in our culture; driving in a car and creating stressful situations in contained environments like work or career; and relationships can trigger adrenalin just as easily. So we do it, over andover again. It becomes so sophisticated, this need for power and speed, that the tiniest things can trigger a release of our inner, biologically spiritual drug.

Physiologically we have yet to evolve to our greatest capacity, and abating stress is a really important step up into higher consciousness. If we remain stuck in the lower vibrations of stress, we cannot access the divine experiences we long for; sticking here is no better than hanging out in a dingy bar playing pool all day long or watching reality television murder stories all night long.

Like Don Quixote, we humans like to fight our elements microcosmically (inside our own spiritual, mental and emotional terrain) too, so we really need to learn a little about managing and abating stress before even our sacred practices take us into unresolvable, addictive stress patterns.

Have you ever seen a Yogi addicted to stress? No joke, I have!

Some say stress motivates us. Some say it’s a demon, calling it an ever-present, oppressive omnipotence that pervades the universe. Some deny stress altogether, thinking they’re cool and collected. I have my doubts about the truth in those images, even when the projections look calm, not sweaty. Some are just so addicted to the biochemistry of stress, and for a while, at least until they use up their resources and burn-out their adrenals, they look really good in tight skin suits, sinewy, dry muscles and rigid jawlines.

Where’s the razor’s edge here? I believe it’s up to you to find your own fine line.

You can read more about the cycle of stress and the autonomic nervous system here.

Elements of Stress

Why do we stress?

Let’s start with some habits. Does any of this sound familiar?

1. Striving (struggling) to make things happen.

2. Completing everything so there’s nothing to do before going to bed or on a trip. Or, doing one last thing before leaving the house.

3. Rushing from one appointment to the next.

4. Hurrying up so you can relax.

5. Driving fast everywhere you go.

6. Always about 5 minutes late because you leave right when you need to be where you’re going

8. Using power over people in your life.


These are all very basic and fairly normal stress states, though they’re really only symptoms of what lies much deeper within us. Will you be one to discover what’s underneath the sprawling superficial layers that cover the root system? If we know we’re creating more stress by acting in these ways, WHY do we perpetuate it? Or do we even notice?

Many of us actually like stress because it’s in our nature to push the envelope. Just how far, and in what ways can we push it for purposes of learning and growing before it truly becomes a stress monster or even an addiction?

The energy of our human composite is something akin to creation and destruction, expansion and boundaries, masculine and feminine principles. These are the foundations from which we use stress to evolve naturally, though in this era we sometimes push our minds and bodies so far with the constant pressure of the media and the introduction of newer and grander technologies, we fry our brains and injure our constitutions.

We can break Yin and Yang into individual parts and see how extreme masculine energy quickly grows into that monster. It’s symptoms are over-powering, over-acting, pushiness & bulldozing, willfulness, over-achievement, control, and are often a result of our resistance to flowing with our natural rhythms and soul forces. This monster feeds on the distance or space we create between Yin and Yang, each other, and the amount of time and energy we expend jumping from one construct to the other searching for an experience of balance and integration. Then destroy it all over, again and again.

If we were more emergent and a bit more curious, as opposed to distracted and compulsive, would we be so stressed? Or would we be bored from a lack of polarized definitions?

Stress is elemental in geological, philosophical, sociological, anthroposophical, physiological and metaphysical ways. Because at best, we humans are ever the alchemists, striving to harness, transform and control the elements of earth, wind, water, fire, space, our minds and emotion; we create lots of chaos in everything we do. And with that we leave a lot of entropy.

Some of this chaos and entropy are immediately noticeable, and when we are awake and present, we use the entropy for our evolution. Yet, much of it remains un-recycled, and has long standing repercussions, even covert reactions and effects that bubble up intermittently and often appear centuries down the historical pathway in places we’d never think to look.

On a purely physical level, think about nuclear energy; it epitomizes stress from within its creation, to the use of its power, to the day it becomes destabilized like in Japan or Three Mile Island, and of course into the earthly elements for decades and centuries to follow.

Directional cue: Don’t waste too much time on superficial mundane meanderings here; think back to the basic studies of geology, physiology, philosophy, anthroposophy, sociology and metaphysics. How does stress, chaos and entropy create more stress on the related and subterranean levels inside of you?

It’s in us to be stressed, and if we aren’t already naturally and actively engaged in the practice of stress, we make it so, everywhere we go. We wear stress like a trophy in every season by resisting what we’ve already chosen–human form, earth life, our families, jobs and more. And yet, it’s also in us to be free and relaxed, if only we could trust and allow the Sun to shine, the winds to blow, the earth to quake and the rains to pour without our help and interference. If we did allow it, if we did use our will coupled with clear thought and inspiration, what would be able to manifest? If we used our God-given gifts, we might just be more balanced!


This resistance runs deep, though. On the outside it may look a lot like certainty, knowingness, intelligence and actualization, especially when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Our minds see what they want to see. Sometimes it holds all those wonderful qualities, that’s true. Yet when it doesn’t, or even when we’re brave enough to slow down to experience a different rhythm–an internal rhythm, one that’s linked to the rhythms and tides of our planet and beyond–then we know there’s something off beat inside of us. Until we change our pace for a mere moment, until we live without extreme stress and breathe a bit more consciously, we’ll never know this other option exists.