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Ascension or Descension?

Today, as on all days, I read my friend Laura Bruno’s Blog.

She always has some amazing and practical wisdom to express, lately and often, re-posting from other wise souls’ blogs. Recently we’ve heard about sovereignty, ascension, the solar feminine and the heavy hitting, yet expansive astrological influences.

Featured in today’s Oracle Report, were solar flares and the tools of grounding and anchoring: one of my favorite topics–the grounding part!

So many people in my town are very spiritual, though they lack grounding and ownership of their bodies. They flit around as though they are pure light, bumping into things, not paying much attention to how their bodies and actions affect other people.

They are unconcerned with whether or not they actualize any of that wonderful spiritual energy in the mundane world, and often take stance against those who do, pointing fingers at so-called “lesser beings.”

They’re also really bad drivers parking askew in already scarce spaces!

Okay, enough of that, but you get the idea–the part about embodying spiritual energy as opposed to seeing, feeling and experiencing it all “out there” somewhere.

Humbly speaking, my biggest hurdle in life has always been about anchoring myself here on this planet. When I was a kid my feet burned when they touched the ground, so I often sat cross-legged with my feet up in the chairs. Besides, it was so much more fun to fly around without limitation, playing in the ethers. So you see, I could easily be one of those bad parking, finger pointers.

When I was 32, I learned to ground the hard way, after a lot of body fear, anxiety, and other crazy pictures about what it meant to live in human form. Life (my soul) gave me the experiences I needed to realize how painful an existence it could be, outside my body.

That’s when I finally acquiesced and decided to live here on planet Earth.

Now, back to the topic of the day. Without grounding, like any electrical current, solar flares will burn out our nervous systems and the nerve centers of our technology very quickly. So if you are one of those people who likes to fly rather than walk, disembody energies rather than anchor them, you and all your electrical conveniences could be in for a big surprise–that is if you haven’t already experienced that very phenomenon!

What does this have to do with ascension? Well, here are some reflections on that potentiality, assuming we will ascend. Just wondering….

1. To become lighter, or to raise our vibration, we need to allow more light into our beings, right?

2. Since the chakra centers and subtle body connections are housed inside our natural (physical) bodies, this is most likely where the action is and will remain, eh?

3. If we leave our natural bodies-taking our energy out into the ethers, how do we experience expansion in the way of the ascended masters? Didn’t Jesus take his natural body with him when he ascended?  That was the whole miracle, wasn’t’ it?

4. If we rise up to meet our higher chakras in the 4th and 5th dimension, where will our natural bodies go…how will those physical vessels evolve without us inside?

5. What if, and this is just an idea, instead of rising or ascending out of the natural body into those other chakra dimensions, we simply open our bodies to receive the energies of the higher chakras–those that currently exist outside of our body?

I’m wondering if this is what we could call descension. Another way of ascending in our strangely paradoxical Universe!

And don’t’ forget to read Laura Bruno’s Blog…maybe something will sound out loudly, maybe you’ll even get some answers.

Enjoy your day and your descent into the wonders of grounding and anchoring!



Fields of Influence: Intuition, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Empathy

There you are, lying anxiously on the massage table waiting for the therapist to begin. Your body is still wound up from a day at work. Your mind races and deep inside you feel as though you’re going to vibrate right off the table. As soon as the therapist’s hands touch your body, you are jello.

There are many explanations for this response, including, simply, one that is tactile. Let’s look further and interpret it as a form of intuition. In this massage instance, it’s a physical body sensation based in our ability to physically feel energy from outside ourselves–it’s called “clairsentience.”

Even though there are many relaxing stimuli present–quiet music, evocative scent, soft color–the therapist transmits something through her hands that goes beyond what triggers all the usual senses.

The following experiences convey various types of intuition, even telepathy. Some are pretty simple and are sort of the norm for us all. Others are a bit more complex and until fairly recently have remained hidden to the mainstream behind a thin veil of fear or discomfort, even denial. All involve what is often called the metaphysical realms–energetic or spiritual experiences–beyond the physical.

It takes willingness to see things differently and a bit of dedicated practice to bring the pieces of the puzzle together. Even if you’ve been intuitive all your life, are you ready to take it further, to own it 24-7? Are you willing to engage with it in a more truly responsible realm for the greater good? Read and gauge these scenarios for yourself; have you ever experienced anything like them? Do you want to experience more of the same with consciousness?

-You walk by a building and feel a cold chill.

-You’re driving down the freeway and suddenly feel the spiky rush of adrenalin pulsing through your body. Not a car in sight, a mile down the road you come across a serious accident.

-You aren’t a sports enthusiast, yet are talked into a professional soccer game while traveling through Chile. The closer you get to the stadium, the more excited you become.

-A woman awakens at 3:15am mountain time feeling all the symptoms of a heart attack. Gasping for air, she holds her heart and wonders whether or not she should call 911. Instead she walks around the living room, sweating and panicking with chest pain. She does her best to breathe deeply and slowly until the symptoms finally clear away nearly an hour later. This woman’s mother calls the following day with news of her father who had experienced a heart attack at approximately 2:15am Pacific time.

These are clairsentient experiences–intuition through body sensation.

-In another time, a woman is walking through her castle garden with her husband holding his arm. She spontaneously gasps and squeezes tightly, her eyes widening. She turns quickly to his chest, looking up into his eyes and murmurs without apparent cause, “she’s been taken.” At the same time in a different part of the country, this woman’s daughter has just been tattooed with the priestess’ crescent moon symbol on her forehead.

-A man lays down on his living room carpet to stretch his back and relax. Suddenly an image of his wife comes to mind…she is making love to someone else. The man sobs uncontrollably, watching as the image plays out in full-length and color. Later he confronts his wife and she admits to the affair.

-One Friday, a woman begins to see the image of an acquaintance in her mind and out in her energy field as well. This image is tenacious, and no matter how many times she clears her mind and field, this face does not go away. Gradually the woman’s head begins to pound, her body goes into fear, she tosses and turns for two nights. Thoughts of this face are rampant, preoccupying her mind throughout the weekend. On Monday she calls that acquaintance to set up a brief tea date. The conversation reveals an incident that took place on Thursday that validates & explains the presence of this face around her the last few days. As soon as the conversation is complete, the face disappears, the thoughts stop, and the woman sleeps again.

These are all clairvoyant (clear sight) experiences; the second and third are also empathic (ability to feel others emotions); the third is probably clairaudient as well.

-A woman rests in her hotel room. Suddenly, a quick short breath throws her head onto the back of her chair and she feels immediately lost and alone, overwhelmed with fear. A voice rings in her head over and over, “where is everyone, why is everyone gone; why isn’t anyone here?” A barrage of rainy, sodden images fly through her mind, though nothing looks familiar, and the loneliness creeps in deeper and deeper for the next few days.  On the last leg of her journey home across country, she becomes filled with rage and begins to spontaneously & primally scream for no apparent reason.

-When she arrives home, she learns that three key people in her life had betrayed her on the very day of that first lonely vision. Upon walking into her office for the first time in three weeks, she feels unwelcome and pushed out, like someone else belongs there instead. Some days after, she learns that the same three people had misused her work space while she was away and many assumptions were made about ownership.

Both of these experiences involve clairaudience, empathy and clairvoyance.

We are all gifted with visions, feelings, hunches, instincts and the like. Intuition is our   inheritance and an ally!

Use it, speak to it, trust it, embrace it without reservation. Sometimes the signs are very soft and quiet; sometimes they are loud and obnoxious. At times they are seriously tenacious and just won’t go away; we lose sleep because we fail to address the first signs. Reframe what you previously thought of as mental chatter; notice if you feel emotional or have physical sensations at odd times. Do strange thought patterns arise…things you wouldn’t normally think about?

Listen and honor these moments; you will soon become a fluent “intuitive” speaker with increasing awareness and graced with a new interpretation of events around you!

Please join us on this incredible intuitive journey! Check out our online courses in self-mastery and opening to spirit. You can sample one session or sign-up for a full course.


Light Warriors

I seem to be a sword wielder.

Those who see life differently than I, might say it’s a bat.

No matter to me, I am who I am. I see it as a sword and I use it regularly, especially when I need to move out of an outworn paradigm or escape from the clutches of an addictive habit.

Everyone is batting, slicing and poking lately, not just me.

Each one of us is integrating, re-integrating, reorganizing, and even rewriting our stories. We are turning over apple carts right and left, leaving our former villagers agape in our wakes.

Sometimes this is not only upsetting, it’s incredibly painful. Sometimes we feel confused, sometimes certain, and in others there’s a lot of ease. No matter how we interpret recent big and small events, time is quickly moving and we are quickening whether we want to or not. That in itself feels sort of strangely easy lately because we simply don’t have the time to worry, feel guilty or get stuck anyplace too long!

I like this quickening…even though it often hurts me and anyone else in the surrounding or nearby energy fields. I just use my sword–or bat depending on how you might see it, to cut through my own tendency for sluggishness, guilt, grief, or even too much sympathy.

Even if you aren’t a sword fighter or batter, you might like this.

There’s a story about a woman who, on her last legs to enlightenment, crosses paths with a bent and tired old man carrying a bundle of wood on his back. She watches as the man loses his balance, all the wood falling to ground. It’s her choice, her final test, whether to stay and help him pick up the wood or to walk on.

What would you do?

One day a couple weeks ago, I must have misplaced my stinger because I found myself under a pile of rotten, moldy and crumbling sticks. An old man was laughing and skipping down the lane not too far away.

Sitting in what felt like a sodden mire of great trepidation, I called an old buddy of mine. Instead of pulling the decaying wood off of me, this friend sent along an article about spiritual warrior-ship.

It was a reminder. Here’s the link: The Unknown Lightworker–The Lightwarrior

Reading this blog helped not only to allay the sticky feelings that could have easily turned to guilt, it helped me to shift my way point…it got me up and through one of those more confusing moments recently when I might have stopped again to help an old man.



I’ve been reflecting for a long time on what it means to be a conscious, conscientious person, someone inside that often overused idea of ‘our spiritual journey toward enlightenment.’

What does it mean to be someone with integrity, and how do we define our placement along the way in terms of ‘all things being equal?’

One day while watching the second martial arts movie about Bruce Lee’s master teacher, ‘Ip Man2,’ I heard my answer.

Ip Man said at the end, “No man’s integrity is more valuable than another’s.”

Something really clicked in me and this was my mantra for several weeks. One day while reflecting on the message of Ip Man’s words, I saw an image of two circle patterns. Each circle had an outer ring with a fairly large center point in the middle. The first and larger circle appeared to be a Universal metaphor for integrity and had a lot of dots along the outer ring.

The second, smaller circle symbolized the individual circles in which we humans live and operate. It was an enlarged version of the dots around the Universal circle ring.

In that moment I felt truly clear about this idea of who is where on the way. We are only as enlightened as we are whole, and wholeness, or integration, is the same for everyone. No one person is better than another or further along the path than someone else when integrity is at the center.

All other points are just varying degrees of integration–stages along the way.

Each one of us is walking inward toward center; inward to our own center and inward to the center of the Universal principle of integrity. A balance of yin and yang inside of us, yin and yang together, inside a circle of oneness.


Is the Universe Feminine?

Several months ago I became “more” intrigued with the idea of Sofia, the true divine feminine. It’s not that I hadn’t heard or known of Sofia, or thought and read about Sofia, it was simply a matter of not finding much information about Sofia, anywhere. Even the Gnostic Gospels are limited in the expression of Sofia.

Then I looked for images online and found Alex Grey’s mystical Sophia image, which led me to rummaging around in my books seeking “Sacred Mirrors,” a book of Alex Grey’s mystical and yet very “worldly” images.

Ah, Sophia was there. I found her and I’ve been studying her allegories ever since.

Later I found information that proclaimed Sofia as the Mother of God and she who birthed the Universe. Some say that Sofia is the blond female figure emerging from under God’s arm in Michelangelo’s fresco on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

Just the other day, my friend “B” answered my plea for input on the divine feminine, telling me that his Sufi studies speak to the Universe as a feminine energy. Not only a principle, she is an entity who birthed all things…and if this is so, we actually live in the womb of the Universe…our container is feminine.

Also according to “B,” and I do love to paraphrase, we embrace this principle every day as we trust that all physical things are real. Like the walls in our homes or the giant architectural structures standing tall in the world’s largest cities, we believe they will hold and they do. Holding is a feminine principle, trust is a feminine principle.

Holding anything is akin to giving it a place to rest or reside, a cave of sorts. On a physiological level, the part of our nervous system responsible for resting and attuning to the natural rhythms part of us is feminine. (For more information on stress, the nervous system as it relates to masculine & feminine principles, please see the recent blog posts on Stress as well as the last newsletter and accompanying posts about the Autonomic Nervous System).

That same day while I researched images and information about “The Sofia” (or Sophia as it is often written), I found this amazing mystical chart that shows the womb of Sofia evoking all. It’s in Latin–and I have not found the artist or origination point–or I’d give credit and interpret it further. See for yourself. What do you feel or think about this? What is evoked from within as you look at this image?



I haven’t found my own ground of being in any of this yet, so I won’t suggest you think or feel any particular leaning. Even so, when I look at the Mystical Sofia and this chart of the divine feminine, I am filled with calm and joy, ease and blessed relief that someone, someplace in this world knows how to express what I feel is true.

On the contrary recently, while attending a Baptist wedding, I felt my bones twisting, my heart racing and my jaw tensing. In the ceremony, there was a strong focus on Eve, how she grew from Adam’s rib, and how likewise the bride that day came in purity to her husband having given up her identity, all combined with the very misogynistic application of a twisted interpretation of creation.

Here are some softer, more balanced and Sofia-like ideas to contemplate:

Sofia is the Holy Spirit in the Trinity (Gnostic).

Sofia was the bride of Christ & the Mother of God (Gnostic, Cathartic).

Sophia is the revelation of god’s inward thought which evoked the form and order of our Universe (Jewish Alexandrine philosophy).

Wisdom is feminine (Proverbs 8).

The Source, The Beginning.


Hidden Mother, Wisdom of Solomon, Wisdom Incarnate, She who knows the Mysteries…the Dove.

Again, I ask, what do you think…how do you feel…what is called forth from within you?