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Ascension or Descension?

Today, as on all days, I read my friend Laura Bruno’s Blog.

She always has some amazing and practical wisdom to express, lately and often, re-posting from other wise souls’ blogs. Recently we’ve heard about sovereignty, ascension, the solar feminine and the heavy hitting, yet expansive astrological influences.

Featured in today’s Oracle Report, were solar flares and the tools of grounding and anchoring: one of my favorite topics–the grounding part!

So many people in my town are very spiritual, though they lack grounding and ownership of their bodies. They flit around as though they are pure light, bumping into things, not paying much attention to how their bodies and actions affect other people.

They are unconcerned with whether or not they actualize any of that wonderful spiritual energy in the mundane world, and often take stance against those who do, pointing fingers at so-called “lesser beings.”

They’re also really bad drivers parking askew in already scarce spaces!

Okay, enough of that, but you get the idea–the part about embodying spiritual energy as opposed to seeing, feeling and experiencing it all “out there” somewhere.

Humbly speaking, my biggest hurdle in life has always been about anchoring myself here on this planet. When I was a kid my feet burned when they touched the ground, so I often sat cross-legged with my feet up in the chairs. Besides, it was so much more fun to fly around without limitation, playing in the ethers. So you see, I could easily be one of those bad parking, finger pointers.

When I was 32, I learned to ground the hard way, after a lot of body fear, anxiety, and other crazy pictures about what it meant to live in human form. Life (my soul) gave me the experiences I needed to realize how painful an existence it could be, outside my body.

That’s when I finally acquiesced and decided to live here on planet Earth.

Now, back to the topic of the day. Without grounding, like any electrical current, solar flares will burn out our nervous systems and the nerve centers of our technology very quickly. So if you are one of those people who likes to fly rather than walk, disembody energies rather than anchor them, you and all your electrical conveniences could be in for a big surprise–that is if you haven’t already experienced that very phenomenon!

What does this have to do with ascension? Well, here are some reflections on that potentiality, assuming we will ascend. Just wondering….

1. To become lighter, or to raise our vibration, we need to allow more light into our beings, right?

2. Since the chakra centers and subtle body connections are housed inside our natural (physical) bodies, this is most likely where the action is and will remain, eh?

3. If we leave our natural bodies-taking our energy out into the ethers, how do we experience expansion in the way of the ascended masters? Didn’t Jesus take his natural body with him when he ascended?  That was the whole miracle, wasn’t’ it?

4. If we rise up to meet our higher chakras in the 4th and 5th dimension, where will our natural bodies go…how will those physical vessels evolve without us inside?

5. What if, and this is just an idea, instead of rising or ascending out of the natural body into those other chakra dimensions, we simply open our bodies to receive the energies of the higher chakras–those that currently exist outside of our body?

I’m wondering if this is what we could call descension. Another way of ascending in our strangely paradoxical Universe!

And don’t’ forget to read Laura Bruno’s Blog…maybe something will sound out loudly, maybe you’ll even get some answers.

Enjoy your day and your descent into the wonders of grounding and anchoring!



Divine Feminine: Where are the practicalities?

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about the Divine Feminine lately, in fact the term may even be a bit passe.

Those of us who teach, preach, write and consciously acknowledge the feminine principle in our lives on a daily basis sometimes forget that most people remain confused or resistant, uncertain and sometimes fairly uninterested!

Last week I participated in a round table discussion on the divine feminine and found the questions below sadly unanswered by all of us so-called experts. In spite of the intelligence, graciousness and warmth of the key participants, I remain astutely aware of the lack of practical applications to the feminine principles, or more importantly, the expression of those practicalities.

In fact, the discussion was sequestered to a small corner of this very deep and complex principle and fairly one sided, presenting much of the same information we’ve heard over and over. It’s a lot like forever mulling wine in a forgotten old cask. While the prose, the tones and the energies of what was presented was certainly lovely, I found myself screaming inside and pushing against the seams of those barrels trying desperately to get out of a bad batch of old, fermented vinegar juice. Dare I say, this is just a dangerous as what we sometimes refer to as the male paradigm?!

My questions for everyone, men & women, novice & old hat, are these:

1. How do we (humans in general) recognize (awaken, acknowledge) what is already within us–the inherent feminine principle–as opposed to looking outside ourselves for some sort of inconography?

2. Is there a practical and sacred way to sustain this relationship with the feminine once discovered?

3. What kinds of practices will help us most in embracing this principle within ourselves, as spirits in human form?

4. What, as women (or men) can we reflect (reflection being a feminine principle) to the world in these times that will encourage others? How is this different from the more masculine aspect of projection?

Please feel free to respond to these questions!

I’m personally looking for like-minded people who are tired of the same old fluffy spirituality. I’d love to hear from you. Don’t get swayed, don’t sell-out to the new age movement that wants to keep you stuck in some false pretense of the light, just as much as our current power structures want to keep you in the dark!

We are beings of equal dark and equal light. We are beings designed for balance between the elements of fire & water, and the universal principle of oneness is really the merging of masculine & feminine principles.

What do you think?

Tree of Life

This was originally written for my cousin Kathy who died of ovarian cancer last year, and has now been slightly modified to symbolize the nature of life as a hologram of the divine…and Kathy’s eternal soul.

“Beloved, gaze in thine own heart,
the holy tree is blooming there.” W.B.Yeats

The Tree of Life

“Eyes closed, explore the places beneath your bark of worldly knowledge and unknown rhythms, buried in your heart.

Your feet root in darkness, into the mysteries of moist, saturated ground. Anchoring at Earth’s center, you are deep in womb’s hearth.

Guided along the inner rivers and streams, you flow effortlessly, sensing and observing, as above, so below.

You look up from here, a kaleidoscope of branches and diffused light overhead; reaching to cradle the stars, meeting heaven’s night.

Morning opens quietly, like tiny blue pearls of light dancing on your leaves, you feel your trunk breathe and then sigh, it softly heaves.

Whispering and windy, spirit flows in, swirling gently around your core, weaving through thousands of hidden memory rings.

Divine breath carries you deeper still, into the place where affinity rests, into your heart, the place where everything sings.

Loneliness disappears, slipping along the rivers inside, because here runs the blood and the prana, erasing all seeds of doubt.

As Within, so Without.” Graham Shelley

Tree of Life: Sacred Geometry


Qabalistic Tree of Life

Entitlement & Expectation

Have you ever wondered why it’s okay for some people to be cranky and cynical all the time, actually expecting you to get on board with their constant griping by dumping on you each time they see you? Have you ever wondered why you let them do it?

Have you ever wondered why those same people make you out to be horribly dysfunctional and a royal pain when you elude, for a brief moment, maybe once during the time you’ve known them, that you might be having a bad day? Have you ever wondered why they respond with such intense disdain it could knock you over if you weren’t paying attention?

Yesterday I visited one of my favorite health food stores and ran into someone I know, which is not surprising because she works there. When I see her, she is often withdrawn, has trouble holding eye contact and frequently complains about one thing or the other. I can feel her pain and mostly remain interactive no matter what she has to share. I don’t perpetuate her reality, yet I am present for her; empathic might be the correct word here.

So, back to yesterday, I just happened to be working through a bit of old energy and wasn’t in a very good social frame. When I passed her on the way out of the store, I said hello. She didn’t look at me, yet said, “how ya doin.” I responded with a laugh and said, “I’m grumpy today.” Still not looking at me, she said hesitantly, almost like a question, “oh…well, a…okaaaay.” I returned the cordiality and she gave me a look out of the corner of her eye that said it all. I didn’t have to hear her words to know that she was filled with disdain for this momentary shift in my usual behavior, saying rather vehemently, “I’m actually really good.” And the unspoken accompaniment was, “What’s wrong with you? I’m okay and you’re not!”

For me it was just another one of those bullets that I’ve learned to dodge over all the years of practice because I’m such a magnet for them. By the way, they still feel very real, and that’s my own projected programming. So, I guess you could say, I create this reality. I am not only aware of it, I am responsible for it, yet not quite able to fully shift out of it. Luckily, I can accept it; well, almost fully!

In addition though, it’s about the other person’s state of hope and expectation that they are cared for, seen in some way. It’s about their desperate longing to be special, allowing no room for someone else’s moment of pain. Unfortunately they position themselves as victims of the nasty bug going around, the mean corporation they work for, their partner, the history they had with their parents, or some other equally old, uncontrollable or traumatic event. No matter what it is, they aren’t present and they aren’t responsible for it.

I get that because I still feel annihilated by stuff…maybe different stuff, yet stuff just the same.

Most people carve out a niches for themselves, holy ground that cannot be tread upon. Those who paint themselves as the victim of this and that, make no room when someone else might have a this or a that on occasion. Maybe it’s some kind of territorial thing. They react out of survival, in this case it’s an attachment to some kind of identity of themselves and a narrow projection of who the other person is able or allowed to be in relation to them. This is sort of like a place where there is a great little bookstore in town and then a similar, bigger bookstore comes in, takes action and generally creates some space for themselves while the other store’s staff stirs the pot of envy, hoping the bigger store just goes away.

Sounds like a Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks movie doesn’t it?! And what comes first, the big fish’s belief it needs a lot of room or maybe even a desire to eat little fishes? Or, does the little fish already believe it is a delicacy for the big fish, spending its whole life avoiding and hoping never to meet a big fish eye to eye?

Have you ever wondered why there is so much comparison and competition in the world? Why is it we can’t just let another have a moment of despair now and then, or allow that bookstore to co-exist in the same vicinity without throwing a blanket of disdain and judgment over the top of it? And by the way, it comes from both sides. Worse, why do we feel so belittled by another’s presence? Why do we sit around hoping it will all go away so we don’t have to deal with the potentiality that the book store, fish or person will get more than we do, taking away our customers, our friends, our definitions and even our lives?

Who would we be in light of another just like us? Who would we be if we were all alone in our fish tank?

Don’t we see that we are all part of the turning wheel, like the elements, the seasons and the solar system as it revolves around the Sun? Of course you’re going to use the ego word here, aren’t you? While that is certainly true, and our ego is what keeps us from recognizing ourselves and our divinity, our ego also helps us know who we are in this world, what differentiates us from something outside of us. We need the ego to live on this planet. Even the avatars have egos; the difference may be they are capable of holding both sides of this enigmatic human existence.

So what is the real question here? How do we co-exist with our egos, the reflections we see, people who take up space nearby, businesses that may compete with our own, or people who, no matter what we do, are always hoping their lives will be different some day? How do we co-exist with the bigger fishes, and how do we co-exist with our own projections of passivity and expectation?

What is your deepest, most hidden hope? Peace is not an acceptable answer in this instance.

If you are going to consider this possibility at all, please do so from the shadowy part of you. What do you regularly hope for that comes from a place of lack or powerlessness? You’ll probably find it stored with things you feel entitled about, desires you’ve never quite actualized nor received. And you could feel falsely pro-active about these desires, especially if they are covered in expectation, anger or arrogance. You might have to dust off a few boxes before you see those that lie underneath.

Self Mastery: Reflections are Projections

A couple weeks ago I was misquoted by a local journalist in what could have been a very sensitive portrayal of a man’s life and death. When the story was published I was angry the report was so cavalierly presented and very different than what I’d said during the interview. I re-read the article several times over and dove into my dictionary to clarify word meanings, all the while knowing I was gathering ammunition for a great war against misinterpretation and injustice. At best, I was surprised at the way my words had been rearranged; how sentences and quotes had been welded together, creating an entirely different tonal quality to the story I’d offered the day before.

After some of the shock wore off, I started to consider a possibility: the writer’s interpretation of the information may have evolved very differently than my intentions. Although it didn’t help my angst, I was able to move my attention away from micromanaging the ill-effects of the story and began to explore how something like this happens. This shift in perspective lead me to see my own responsibility in the situation.

Realizing there was a big projector online here, I was first able see how the reporter could project onto me the desire for a specific type of story and how it was possible to misinterpret my statements to accommodate this reality. I also remembered similar past situations in my own life and began to experience new and present circumstances in which I was, yet again, misinterpreted! Because it recurred in other aspects of my life, albeit less glaringly, I had to go further down the root tunnel to see where this particular scenario originated, and it was more complicated than a simple direct reflection.

Everything we experience can be linked to a projection from inside of us. What we believe are reflections from the outside world are really projections from inside of us onto the world. And even though they originate from within, they are not always directly nor easily interpreted. The story we perceive may only be a preface of what’s ready for interpretation as part of our growth. First we must be willing to actually see it, second we must know its source, and then we must interpret it correctly.

Ultimately, do you want to be right or self-empowered and co-creative?

If you re interested in self mastery and would like more information, please visit our online courses at the Energetic Connection.
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